Having my own piece of New York

I have a piece of New York that holds my heart… that piece is my husband of course.  He was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, so anything that has to do with New York, I support it no matter what.

When I came across REMEMBER ME GREEN, I was intrigued with the whole concept of it.  They give you a piece of New York by recycling old billboards and creating them into beautiful, unique, earth friendly totes, wine bags, zipper pouches and garden bags.

This company made it possible for me to have a unique piece of New York through fashion.  I can say that I own a piece of history.  It is so nice to know that I own something that was once up among the bright lights of New York, and to me, that is amazing.


This founder of this company is Jillian Brown who came up with the idea of recycling used and unwanted billboards and creating them into pieces that we can love and use.  She was inspired when she found out what was being done to the billboards after the campaign was over… In New York, billboards are used once and then they just throw it away. They were being dumped and wasted, which is not a good thing.  She knew that she could do something more with them so, rather than to waste 20ft. to 60 ft. of vinyl, her and her team recycle it and make it into earth friendly items. Isn’t that such a brilliant idea?

You can also recycle used and unwanted scraps through this company as well. REMEMBER ME GREEN will help you minimize waste, and re-purpose them into one of a kind product.

I love everything about REMEMBER ME GREEN, their purpose, and their products. I decided to go with their earth-friendly tote because I knew it would be useful for my lifestyle.


They will send the vinyl to her facility in Long Island, NY, where the material is hand cut, cleaned, steam pressed and then sewn.


These totes are made of vinyl, so they are easy to clean and not to mention it is very sturdy.   The handles are soft prima cotton ropes that are comfortable enough to keep on your shoulder, your forearm or in your hand.  The handwoven twisted straps are sturdy that you can fill it up and not have to worry about it breaking.


No two bags are alike, so you will be able to own a one-of-a-kind bag.  Each RMG product tag is contained with a QR code so that I can each customer can learn about their product and where it came originated from. (I must say that is so cool). Keep reading, and you will find out where my tote is from.


These totes come in 3 different sizes.  I chose the largest one because (in my husbands words),  I like to be able to take my whole house with me when I am on the go.  The measurements for this tote is 22x8x16 (LxWxH) with an 11.5 in drop (from the top of the handle).

To be honest, I knew what I wanted to use this tote for, and it was for my photo shoots.  I always leave the house with 3-4 different totes, one with shoes, one with makeup and hair, another with accessories and lastly one for all of my outfits.  It became such a hassle.  With this one big tote,  I can fit it all in one.


To show you how big it is, I decided to put my cute 17 pounds, Shih Tzu in it.  She fits in it comfortably (she was actually okay with being in it for the pictures, which tells me alot because she would have jumped out right away lol).  Not to mention, I also plan on using this to the beach, and also when I travel.  This tote is great for everything.  I love this tote so much that I will be getting the other sizes as well.


This tote also comes in so many different colors and prints.  I had such a hard time choosing which one I wanted because they were all so good.  I went with this Large Hampton Jacket Tote because of the colors.  When it comes to choosing totes or handbags, I usually stick with neutral colors because it goes with everything in my closet.  I am a matchy matchy kind of girl.


Add your personal touch by choosing what you want it to say. Now that to me is the icing on the cake.   Not only is it earth friendly, stylish, unique, and useful, you can have it personalized with whatever you want.  Of course, I chose to put my business name JJ LIFE & STYLE on it, so I could not only advertise the bag but also use it to promote my business as well.

Own a special piece of New York by clicking here —-> REMEMBER ME GREEN to find a tote that will fit your lifestyle.

This Hampton Jacket Tote is the exact one that I have.

textgram_1485635688-1Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Remember Me Green.  All photos used in this blog belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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