Royal Blue Baby

Royal Blue Baby

Royal blue is my husband’s favorite color which is funny because when I looked up the meaning behind the color blue, it described every trait that my husband has and reflects his exact personality.

The color blue means trust, responsibility, honesty, and loyalty which are all great qualities my husband has and all of the qualities that made me fall in love with him.  The color blue is sincere, reserved and quiet and does not like to draw attention (which again is exactly like my husband and the complete opposite of me lol).  From a color psychology perspective, the color blue is reliable and responsible.

It says that the color blue is a good friend, helper, and rescuer (which again makes sense because he is a United States Marine).  You can also see the success by looking at the quality and quantity of its relationships. (Our marriage is a good example).

I never knew that a particular color had so much meaning behind it and that it can reflect the personality that you have.  It is always good to look up and know the meaning behind everything, whether it is a color or a brand etc.

I did not realize that royal blue is a good color on me until I started wearing more of it for my husband.  I would constantly get compliments from everyone when I had this color on.  They would tell me that royal blue looks good on me and that it complimented my skin tone and hair color very well.

I did not want to believe it because I thought they were just being kind to me until the compliments were non-stop and it was only when I would wear royal blue.  It then made me think twice,  maybe blue is my color.  My husband did not mind at all because not only is it his favorite color but he loves this color on me as well.

That is why when I saw this royal blue jumpsuit from Bella Rosa Boutique, I had to have it.  This jumpsuit is fitted and is very comfortable.  The material is stretchy which will work for any body type.  I am normally a medium but because I am curvy, I went up a size and it was perfect.

I love the off the shoulder lace detail because it gives it a sexy and elegant look.  The only thing that was an issue for me was the length.  This jumpsuit is very long which is ideal for women who are tall.  I am only 5’3, so I needed to get it hemmed.

I am wearing 4-inch wedges to give me extra height.  My number one rule when it comes to wearing a jumpsuit is to take advantage of allowing yourself to look taller.  Haha.  I love when I can get away with looking like I have long legs.

I just started falling in love with jumpsuits because in the past I could never find the right one.  For those of you who think a jumpsuit does not look good on you, because of your height or body type, keep trying because once you find the right one, you will love the look and feel of being in it.   Take it from me; I never used to wear jumpsuits until recently.

If you love jumpsuits like I do,  then this is one that you have to add to your collection.  If you are not sure how you feel about jumpsuits, then start with this one, and I am confident that you will change that thought real quick.

Get this exact jumpsuit by clicking this link —–>  royal blue jumpsuit

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Shop this entire look.

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Thanks again for stopping by and remember this is an outfit that you have to have!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Bella Rosa Boutique.  Product photos and links used in this blog post are from Shop Style Collective.  Jumpsuit photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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