Pretty in Pink

I have always had an obsession with shoes.  This passion started at such a young age.  I will also have to blame my mother for that haha.  She has such a great sense of style that I grew up watching her get dolled up every day and knew that I would become the mini version of her.

I have always believed that the right pair of shoes and accessories could make or break an outfit.  You could wear the same dress over and over but change up your shoes and accessories, and it would be a whole new look.

To be honest, I have more shoes than I have clothes.  I also do not believe in spending much money on them either.  You can get a great pair for such a great price.  The reason why I do not invest in an expensive pair is that I do not keep a pair of shoes for longer than three years.  I like changing up my shoe collection from time to time.

The only time I invest in an expensive pair of shoes is when it is a classic piece that I can wear over and over, year after year, with any and every outfit.  I usually keep it to a minimum and stick to buying a black or nude color.

These Pink Heels are just so stylish that I had to have it.  Not to mention, my favorite color is pink, so it needed to add them to my collection.  I got these Pink Heels  from My Shoe Bazar, a shoe company that has some of the cutest and sexiest pairs of shoes. (Oh yeah, you will see this picture when you click that link, that is my feet indeed.  I thought it was pretty cool that they featured it on their website).

If there is a particular event you are going to and you need to find the perfect pair, they will have the right ones just for you, or if you are a shoe lover like I am, and need to add more to your collection, they can help!

Click this link My Shoe Bazar to start shopping for the perfect pair and just for stopping by my page, here is a code to save 20% off your purchase.  Type in this code at check out:


Disclaimer:  Photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE and is sponsored by My Shoe Bazar.

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