The perfect vacation

The perfect vacation could be anywhere as long as I am with my husband.  We could do a stay-cation, and I would call that perfect.   We are both so madly in love with each other that we could take a week off of work and just stay in the comfort of our home and do nothing all day, and that would be our perfect vacation.


We do not get to take vacations as much as we would like because of my husband’s position in the Marine Corps.  Stay-cations are what we do most, but we do not complain because we are still spending quality time with each other.

Whenever we both have the chance, we mainly head to Las Vegas to visit my family because he knows how much I miss being around them.

But this time, we decided to change it up….

We recently planned a one day trip to Catalina Island.  We took the ferry which was about an hour.  I was not too happy on the boat because I got sea sick, which sucked, but when we got there, it was so beautiful that I forgot all about how bad the boat ride was.

We started our journey by checking out The Catalina Museum which we really enjoyed.  My husband and I are really into museums because we love learning about the history behind it all.  We are intrigued when we get to find out more about a place that we are visiting rather than to just say we were there.

The tour of the museum took over an hour, but was worth it.  We did build up an appetite though, so we decided to have lunch at a restaurant that was right on the water.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.

The food was so delicious that we had appetizers, main entree, and also stuffed ourselves with desert.  We both knew we needed to walk it off so we walked around the little town.  We stopped at every store to grab souvenirs (which I am a fan of doing), and then we ended our tour by finding a quiet spot away from everyone, sat down on the grass and enjoyed each others company with a nice cool refreshing alcoholic drink.

We couldn’t ask for a more perfect type of getaway.   It was our perfect little getaway.

Catalina Island is a beautiful place to visit.  I do not think that I would have stayed longer than a day.  The one day trip we took was perfect.  We were able to do a lot in one day.

I would highly recommend everyone to take a trip to this island.  We got our tickets from Groupon which was only $39 per person.  We took the ferry from Dana Point, California.  The only thing I would say is to make sure to have Dramamine with you just in case you get sea sick.  I took it right before we left, and I was perfectly fine on the ride back.

I was very hesitant on what I should wear on this trip because I wanted to be comfortable and still look cute at the same time.  Let’s face it, every fashionista can relate to this and every husband shakes their head to it lol.

I am glad I chose to go with this cute Black off the shoulder top.  I was contemplating on wearing denim shorts because it was going to be hot, but my husband reminded me that we would be there from morning till late evening and it will eventually get cooler, so with that said, I decided to wear denim pants instead.  (Another thing I love about my husband, he always has my back).


I wanted to wear cute flats or tennis shoes, but it was not attractive enough for me lol.  I decided to go with my black wedges which to me, are comfortable.  I added a fedora hat not just for style but of course, for protection from the sun.

Whenever I am on vacation, I always take my Large Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag because I can fit so many things in it.  As big as it is,  I actually brought my Tory Burch sandals, a light jacket, couple water bottles, and few other things, just in case.  The only downfall about this big handbag is that I have to lug it around everywhere.

Shop this look by clicking the links below.

I have also added links for you to plan your trip to Catalina Island.


Catalina Island



Here are some similar styles for you to choose from:

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Black off the shoulder bow tie  $10

Denim Jeans $21

Denim Skinny Jeans $20

Bow Tie hat $9

Fedora $15

Merona Fedora $20

Black Wedges $32

Cross Strap Wedges $31

Black Peep Toe Lace ups $29

Thank you for stopping by.  If you decide to take a trip to Catalina Island,

have fun, be safe, do not forget sunscreen and Dramamine lol.

Disclaimer:  Photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE, Shein and Shop Style Collective.

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