💃Laced in red💘

I have not always been into wearing red unless it was during Christmas or Valentine’s Day.  It is such a vibrant color, and it is a color known to stand out and with that said, I did not want to draw attention to myself like that.

I was in the public eye a whole lot in my past.  When I lived in Las Vegas, I used to be a model for numerous clothing brands and boutiques; I was on a local commercial, I had two billboards up in town, and I did marketing and branding for a well-known business that required being out and about and meeting many people.  I must say that it was a fun life that I lived.

When I got married, I shifted gears and lived a more private life.  I kept to myself and was not out in the open about my life like I was in the past.  I did not want to draw unnecessary and unwanted attention my way.  I changed a lot of my ways and one of them was the way that I dressed.  I did it because I chose to and not because I was asked to.

Black is such a classic and timeless color, and if you look in my closet, that is all you see.   I wore a lot of black and I also stayed away from bright, bold colors and red was one of them.  Until recently…

I started getting many compliments from my husband, friends, and family when they saw me in red, which made me feel comfortable.  They have mentioned over, and over that, I should wear more of it.  Well, I took their advice and stepped out of my comfort zone.  When I am in the color red, it makes me feel some type of way that I can not explain.

The reason why I picked this dress, is not only because it is my style, but it is also such an elegant and sexy dress, that I knew that I would love.  I am obsessed with lace this season, and this dress caught my eye.  It looked good online, and when it came in the mail, I was pleased.  The off the shoulder gives this dress a sexy vibe, while the length gives it an elegant look.

I am going to be wearing this dress a lot, mainly for date night with my husband, but I also like to have an outfit that I can wear to a special occasion if it ever comes up.  This dress is a show stopper, so if you do not want to draw attention, I would highly suggest you NOT get this one, because this one will definitely turn heads. But, if you want to be the eye candy of the night, then I would highly recommend this dress.

I have linked this dress and similar styles for you below:

Red Lace Off The Shoulder Dress $21

Similar styles:

Red Off The Shoulder Dress $13

Red Scalloped Off The Shoulder Dress $14

Michael Kors $108

Tory Burch  $95

Kate Spade $80

Black Clutch $6

Black Clutch $15

Sam Edelman Heels

Sam heels

Merona Black Heels

Merona Heels.png

Kendall & Kyle Black HeelsKendall heels

Have fun shopping and thank you for stopping by!


Disclaimer:  Photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE and Shop Style Collection.

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