🌺Mau’i Girl🌺

I was born on the island of Mau’i, which by now many of you already know that.  When it comes to Hawaiian prints, Hawaiian food, Hawaiian culture, or anything Hawaiian for that matter, I will always wear it with pride and represent my culture and heritage one hundred percent.

I got this Hawaiian print open shoulder dress  from Knitted Belle Boutique .  This shop has it all.  This particular dress reminded me of what I always use to wear when I lived on Mau’i.  My favorite tropical flowers are the plumeria and the hibiscus.  The hibiscus flowers on this dress caught my eye because I also have a hibiscus tattoo on my back.    When you live on an island, you will always find yourself wearing a cute sun dress or a bikini because of the weather.  It gets pretty hot and humid on Mau’i so dresses are just easier to wear to help you stay cool.

This dress is not only comfortable,  it is sexy.  I love the style of this dress and the print so much that I couldn’t resist.  This is the perfect dress for any occasion, no matter where you live.

I also paired this dress with pretty tear drop earrings also from Knitted Belle Boutique

These earrings are so dainty and stylish and I was so happy to receive them along with the dress.  My dress, earrings and sandals are all from Knitted Belle Boutique but because my sandals are sold out, I linked similar ones for you below.
I always get excited when I have the opportunity to work with this company because they have the best KBB Stylebox.  They go above and beyond making their KBB Styleboxes unique to make the perfect gift for any individual.

Here is how my KBB Stylebox looked:

Make sure when you stop by to check out their collection, you check out their Styleboxes too!

Shop my look by clicking the links here:

Brown Sandals $184

Brown French Connection Sandals $63

Michael Kors Crossbody  $170

Michael Kors Crossbody $160

Kate Spade $300

Have fun shopping!

 Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Knitted Belle Boutique.  Photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE and Shop Style Collective.

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