Tropical Island Girl

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I have always had a thing for bright colors.  I was born on the island of Mau’i and I was surrounded by beautiful colors and all of the tropical flowers, from the hibiscus, plumeria’s, bird of paradise and many more.  The color orange is a color I gravitate to because it reminds me of the beautiful sunsets.

I remember going to the beach every weekend and waiting to watch the sunset.  It was so peaceful and calming.   It was definitely a blessing to be able to grow up on such a beautiful island.  I am an island girl at heart but love city living, so when I moved to Las Vegas, I was introduced to the city and fell in love.  It was nothing like Mau’i, of course, but it became my home away from home.

I didn’t get to be around the beach but all of the bright lights from the Las Vegas strip was going to have to be good enough for me.  The Las Vegas strip was full of vibrant colors and although it was the complete opposite from peaceful and calming, I made the best of it and enjoyed living there.

Now that I reside in Southern California, I get to be surrounded by the beach and sunsets all over again.  It feel great but it is not the same.  I don’t consider myself a Cali girl because this is not my home.  This is where my husband and I reside until we get orders to the next duty station.

orange dress.png

 This outfit has the best of both worlds for me.  The colors reminds me of Mau’i and the sexiness reminds me of Vegas. It reminds me of Mau’i because has such a great combination of all the beautiful colors.  The blue takes me to the beaches,  the orange reminds me of the sunsets, the brown from the palm trees that were all around and the hint of white reminds me of the sand.

As for this Bodycon Dress, I chose it because I knew that it would fit me well as far as the style and the colors.  When it comes to picking my outfits, I tend to choose colors that goes well with my skin tone and the one that reminds me of something beautiful from my life.  When I put this dress on, it not only makes me feel sexy, it also takes me back to those peaceful moments when I sat on the beach and enjoyed the sunsets.

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Tropical Bodycon Dress

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The Mint Rose Boutique

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I have added similar styles for you.  Just click the links.

           Steve Madden Sandals

        steve madden.png

                French Connection 

                                                                             french connection.png


brown sandal2

 Bodycon dress (similar)

brown dress.png Brown Clutch 


      Brown Clutch


Orange Earrings


Orange Earrings



Disclaimer:  Photos used in this blog post belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE and were also found on Shop Style Collective.



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