Time is precious, waste it wisely

Time is precious, Waste it Wisely

Time is precious, so learn to live each day wisely.  You will never know when your time will be up.  Ever since I lived through the storm,  I live each day to the fullest.  I appreciate the little things that life has to offer.  I keep my family and friends close and try my best not to have enemies.  When it comes to life, enjoy it and fill it with lots of love and happiness!

I have partnered up with Henry London Watches to show you how beautiful their watches are.  Time is precious, so why not waste it time by being stylish and by having the right watch on your wrist.  An outfit can be as good as you make it but to me, without a watch, you outfit is not complete.  I always leave the house with a watch that matches my outfit.

This beautiful watch is from Henry London Watches.  It is a company based in London made by two designers.  They created their watch collection with a level of precision and reliability but still focused on style and design that would fit perfectly for every age and reflect any style. It has a traditional style, and yet they kept it to fit the modern trend. Their watches reflect the old and the new combining each style to fit your everyday lifestyle. Their inspiration came from the very essence of London.


I chose the Pink Shoreditch watch.  My favorite color is pink, so it was only right for me to have a pink watch.  This beautiful Henry London watch is not only my first pink watch; it is my first leather band watch.  I was very hesitant to get a watch with a leather band because I have very sensitive skin and in the past, a leather band would also irritate my skin.  I loved the style and color of this watch so much that I decided to give it a try.  With my surprise, I was able to wear it for a whole day, and it did not irritate my skin.  The soft leather band on this watch is so comfortable it feels like I did was not wearing one.  This watch goes well with all of my Spring outfits, and I cannot wait to wear it all Spring and Summer long.  I highly recommend all of you to get one for yourself!  These watches will also be a great gift for anyone.  Click this link ——>  Henry London Watches to find the perfect one!



Disclaimer:  Some of the information on this blog was found on Henry London. com and was sponsored by Henry London Watches.  All photos belong to:  JJ LIFE & STYLE 

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