LG G5 Phone case

My Samsung S5 broke on me last week, and I was forced to use the LG G5 that we got last year.  My husband is a fan of the LG phones, and when he upgraded, they were offering a buy one get one deal.  Of course, he could not pass that up.  I am not one of the Apple fans or an LG fan, so I kept my outdated Samsung.  I am not the typical tech kind of girl, so I was okay with having my S5 until it gave up on me. Lol.  Needless to say, I needed a new phone.  Instead of wasting our money on purchasing a new Samsung, I decided to use the one we got for free.  It was obviously the smarter decision.  I was not sure that I would like the LG G5 because I have never used or owned one before.  I have had it now for a week and been able to play around with the phone, and it is growing on me.  I like all the features and its capabilities.  Not to mention it has a bigger screen.  It is not as big as the Note but not as small as the S7.   While everyone else raves about the IPhone and the Samsung, I will be the odd ball and rave about the LG.  Plus, I don’t like blowing our money on just anything just because we have money! Always make the smarter decision even if it makes you the odd ball out lol.

My husband loves surprising me, so he got me this rose gold case for my phone.  We were surprised by the quality of it because it was priced low.  I am happy with it, and I wanted to share it with you.  Here is the link to my new phone case and my new phone.


LG G5 Case ,eTzone Prime Protective Metal Texture Brushed 2-Piece /Dual Layer Hybrid Hard PC+Soft TPU Slim Fit Cover for LG G5 2016 Steel Pink

Here is another case that I am thinking of getting too:

Encased Ultra-thin SlimSHIELD Hybrid Shell Case for LG G5 – Rose Gold


Disclaimer:  The photos and links on this blog post are from Amazon.  All other photos belong to:  JJ LIFE & STYLE 

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