Pink Drape Coat

My Pink Draped Coat….

My favorite color is pink, obviously.  Any tone of pink will do for me. I love this pink draped duster coat because it is light weight and goes perfectly for with my dress.  I like being able to cover up with a stylish coat that will not take away from my dress.  This duster coat comes in different colors, of course, I had to have it in pink.

In Southern California, the weather changes day by day but most of the year the sun is out and the skies are blue.  When I want to wear a sleeveless dress even thought it is still chilly, I don’t worry about if I should or not, only because I have my favorite coat to throw on.

A good coat never goes out of style so click the link below to find the perfect color for you.

PinkDrapeCoat <—-Click here

PinkClutch <—- Click here for similar style

BlackHeels <—- Click here

BlackFloralDress   <—- Click here for similar style

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