Camel Vest

I love a good vest.  This one is one of the many I have.  It is not a puffer vest; it has a soft and cozy lining.  I got this vest from an online store but they are all sold out and will not be restocking it, so I linked similar ones below.

CamelVest ¬†<—— click¬†(similar style) ¬† or CamelVest¬†<—— click

This Chloe dupe is my favorite non-designer cross body.  When I received the bag, I was surprised because the quality is so good.  The only difference with this bag is the name, of course.  I love a good designer bag, and I was tempted to purchase the real Chloe Faye, but then again I only like spending big money on Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc.  This cute crossbody is one of my favorites because I was surprised on how much I could fit in it.  I have the Sarah LV wallet, and I was shocked that it could hold my wallet, my phone, my compact and lipstick.  I will probably be purchasing it in other colors as well.  Like I mentioned earlier, the only con about this bag is that it is not the original Chloe bag.  I am all for using a duplicate style rather than using a fake.  You will never catch me wearing a fake.  Number one rule in my household, if you cannot afford it and pay for it in cash, then you do not deserve it.  Everything I own is paid for and real if it is not then it is a good dupe like this one.  Below I have added the link for my dupe as well as the real Chloe Faye.

ChloeDupe¬† <—— click

ChloeFaye¬†<—— click

Sarah LouisVuitton wallet¬†<—— click

These over the knee boots are always on repeat on all of my photos.  It by far is my favorite style.  I got them in 3 other colors.  I am that much in love with them.  I have linked an affordable style as well as the designer ones I have on.

OverTheKneeBoots¬†(affordable)¬†<—— click

¬†OverTheKneeBoots¬†(Stuart Weitzman)¬†<—— click

OverTheKneeBoots¬†(Sam Edelman)¬†<—— click

A¬†ring on a married couple symbolically declares their eternal¬†love¬†for each other.¬† As a man and woman, the ring is worn with pride and dignity.¬† A woman wearing a diamond ring on her hand is proud to say she is married and taken by the one she loves.¬† Why not wear it on your neck as well??? I am super happy with my “Mrs” necklace.¬† I love how dainty it is. It is¬†perfect and exactly what I wanted.¬†¬†It¬†comes in two colors, silver and gold.¬† The one I have on is¬†the gold one but I also have the silver one as well!¬† Get yours today! ¬†It would be the perfect gift for yourself, your wife or even your friends!

Mrs necklace¬†– <—- Click and use code JJ LIFE N STYLE for 20% off

 Disclaimer:  All photos in this blog post belong to JJ Life & Style

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