Camouflage Jacket




This camouflage jacket is my favorite.  It is not just your typical camo print jacket.  Harry Rex made this one, which is part of her Spring and Summer collection.  It has rhinestone patches to give it some bling which I love because it adds femininity to it, and it also has splashes of paint to give it an edgy look.

For me,  this piece hits close to home because it is not just a fashion statement it is a representation of my life as a military wife.  I get to support my husband and look beautiful at the same time. As a Marine Wife,  you have to support your spouse 100 % and understand what type of lifestyle it comes with.  When you marry a serviceman,  you don’t just marry the man… you marry the military as well.  When I met my husband, I knew what I was getting into because he explained it to me step by step.  It was a lot to take in but my love for him was so strong that I was willing to do whatever it took to be with him.  My love for him has only grew stronger and stronger every year.  The respect I have for him is way more than I could ever imagine it would be, because I understand the sacrifices he makes for me, and everyone else in the United States of America.   I support my husband and his career 1,000% and I will always find ways to show him.  This jacket is just one of the many ways I show my support for my husband and the rest of our troops!

If you missed my blog post about Harry Rex, please click the link below to read about her journey. Click here ——> Harry Rex

I’ve also added links below for details on this entire look.

Jacket  <—– click

OverTheKneeBoots (affordable) <—— click

 OverTheKneeBoots (Stuart Weitzman) <—— click

OverTheKneeBoots (Sam Edelman) <—— click

Mrs necklace – <—- Click and use code JJ LIFE N STYLE for 20%

Special thanks to Amy for sending me the perfect piece!

Disclaimer: All of the photos above belongs to JJ LIFE & STYLE. This post is sponsored by: Harry Rex

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