Comfy Flats…

In the past, I have always bought designer shoes like Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Christian Louboutin, just to name a few.  Regardless of the price tag, I would buy it.  I wanted it, so I got it and not too mention, in every color.

I finally gave up on buying the most expensive shoes that weren’t always the most comfortable.  The Tory Burch Jolie Ballet Flats ($295); the Michael Kors Fulton Flats ($99) and the Christian Louboutin Kate pumps ($695) are some of the designer shoes I have owned but were so uncomfortable that I ended up selling them.  My feet ended up paying the price after wearing it all day that I needed to invest in an expensive foot massager.  I went crazy shopping around for comfortable shoes.  They were either too expensive or too cheap in quality.  It was hard to find a pair that was both comfortable and affordable.  I ended up at Payless because I wanted to see what they had.  I wanted to find shoes in different colors and didn’t want to spend much money on them like I used to.  Low and behold I found the Claire Scrunch Flats at Payless.  First, I bought them in black and nude.  They were so comfortable that I went back less than a month after and bought them in every color.  It gives you the flexibility and comfort you need no matter what you are doing.  It is durable, flexible, cute and stylish.  It stretches when you move and provides cushion for comfort. It has memory foam and latex foam on the inside and stretchy material on the outside to give ease while running around doing errands or standing on your feet all day at work.

The picture above, you will see I have my black flats on.  I had my sexy lace up heels for my date night with my husband but my feet started to hurt so I threw on my comfortable flats.  I do not just wear these flats as a backup, I use them for work and to run around to do errands.  It is stylish enough that it goes with everything.

Payless has good quality shoes with an affordable price tag.  Some people think that because their prices are low, that the quality of shoes are not so good, but I will be the very one who can say, they are made well and last long.

Payless also offers 10% to Military service members and their families.  All you need to have with you in your military identification card.

Click the link below to check out Payless Shoes.

ClaireFlats (click here)



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