Shop Smart

Shop Smart

I am not the type of girl who shops at only the designer stores.  I am not the kind of girl who is too good to walk into a Ross, GoodWill, Marshalls, Dollar Tree and those are just a few to name.  I love to bargain shop and spend my money wisely.  I will splurge on a good handbag but when it comes to shoes, clothes, and accessories… I will check out every store before settling.  This geometric fur cardigan is from Ross.  It was only $11.99.  I paired it with my favorite tassel boots from Lolli Couture, an online shop that sells great shoes at an affordable price.  I like to clean out my closet every six months because we all know that fashion changes every season and every year.  With that said, I do not want to see a $200 dress I bought to go to waste when I only had it for a season.  Don’t get me wrong; I have a few items in my closet that I paid a good amount on.  For example, I will gladly pay $100 for a good black dress that I can wear all year round and to any event; a classic black dress is a must.  I will spend $600 on a pair of heels that I will always be able to wear and keep for a long time, but again it will always be a classic color like black or nude.  In fashion, we all try to keep up with the trends, but if you are living on a budget or just want to be smart with your money, then shopping is not always a priority.  I can understand that.  That is why I recommend all of you to shop at the stores that have cute items for a good price.

You can find such amazing things at Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, thrift stores.  If it comes to something that you plan only to use a few times then shop smart. I always do regardless of where I go.  Depending on how you style it, you can hardly ever tell where you bought it from.  Don’t always feel like you have to shop at the most expensive stores to fit in.  You can always find a good deal; you just have to look and shop at the right places!

Hope this helped!

2 thoughts on “Shop Smart

  1. Whhaaaat, $12?! SCORE! And girl, I love me some Goodwill! (especially here in Los Angeles, you can imagine the amazing things they have!!) You’re definitely wearing that cardigan, great find! 😉

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