🌸🌸🌸Pretty in Pink🌸🌸🌸

Pretty in Pink…


When your favorite color is pink, it is only right for you to own a pink bag, so, of course, I had to get me one.  This pink bag is stylish and cute without the hefty price tag.  I love an expensive, name brand bag, I think we all do, but sometimes you can get a good bag for such a great price.  This bag has pockets on the outside as well as on the inside.  It comes with a long strap for hands-free use.  Click the link above to get yours.  This company carries so many fabulous items that I know you will love.


This black belted duster is a great piece to add to your collection.  It is comfy and light weight.  It is an excellent way to cover up and still be up on the trend.  My dress is sleeveless and short, so I needed this to keep me warm.  Click the link above to get one.  It comes in different colors. I do not recommend this style for people who are looking for extra warmth because it is thin.  You can wear it all year long. It is perfect for any occasion.

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