Comfy & Casual for a chilly day


Yes, as you all know by now,  I have an obsession with blanket scarves.  It goes with everything and it keeps me warm..  I love wearing all black, and blanket scarves helps me change it up from time to time and adds color to my outfit. Get yours today with my code: JJ LIFE & STYLE to receive 20% off your purchase.  Click the link above.


If you live on the west coast as I do, a thick sweater just won’t work out here.  It is not as cold as it should be so a light knit sweater like this is what we need.  It is light weight and comfortable.  This cable knit sweater is available in many different colors. It is only $5.00 right now.  Hurry and get yours today! Click the link above!


These jeans are so comfortable.  They are not super tight but fit very well.  I love a good pair of boyfriend jeans.  They are on sale for only $25! Click the link above.


My tassel boots are the most comfortable ones I own.  I am in love with them so much that as you can see, I had to get more than one.  Click the link below to receive 70% off your purchase.  The sale will not last so get it while you can!

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