Blue Blanket Scarf

This royal blue blanket scarf…

This blanket scarf is from Pearls and Rocks.  It is a great color to use as your pop of color like I did here.  I love all things black, but I know that I cannot just wear all black all the time so adding a pop of color is my compromise.  This scarf is stylish, and the colors are vibrant.  Blanket scarves are great to have because you can wear them year after year in so many different ways.   Click the link below and use my code JJ LIFE N STYLE to receive 20% off.

BlueScarf <—- click

OverTheKneeBoots (affordable) <—— click

 OverTheKneeBoots (Stuart Weitzman) <—— click

OverTheKneeBoots (Sam Edelman) <—— click

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