Having a supportive spouse is important

Having a supportive spouse

Having a supportive spouse is very important.  In my past, I have been through so many relationships that were all toxic and just bad for me.  My partner at the time always stood in my way of me pursuing my dreams and completing my goals.  When my husband came into my life, I never knew how good it felt to have someone support your every need.  He pushes me to be better and encourages me to go for whatever my heart desires.  I fell off the social media world, or I like to call it the limelight of life in the public eye a very long time ago.  In my past, I used to model a lot and was a huge part of different marketing businesses. I was a public figure and lived a very public life.  When I got married, I decided to focus on my marriage and also wanted to live a private life.

I have been through so much since then that the idea of starting a blog about my life and style and sharing it with the world was just a thought.  My husband thought it was such a good idea to do which I kept going back and forth on.  With my husband being my biggest supporter, he insisted that I do it. Because of how persistent he was about sharing my experience and passion, I finally decided to do it.  When you have a partner who makes your dreams become his goals, it is an amazing feeling.  We both support each other in every way possible which in return makes for a happier and stress-free life. Supporting your spouse is important because it allows for your love to grow stronger for each other.  When you get married there is no “I”; it becomes “US.”  You become a team, so you have to work together.   When you both understand the meaning of that, then the journey you take together will be a beautiful journey that you will look back on and smile.  If you do not have a supportive spouse, I highly recommend sitting down with your spouse and communicate on the areas that need work, re-evaluate your relationship or seek help. I have never had anyone in my life as supportive as the man I get to call my husband, because of that,  I can inspire so many of you in so many different ways.

These are the gifts he came home and surprised me with to help with my new adventure…

A planner, a travel coffee blogger mug and my own business cards! Now if that doesn’t show how supportive he is, I don’t know what will.

Thank you for stopping by to read about how my husband supports me!


Disclaimer:  All photos used in this blog post were taken from pinterest.com

3 thoughts on “Having a supportive spouse is important

  1. Thank u sister for the kind words and for always being a great friend. I transitioned my life from bad to good and in the process had to get all the toxic people out of my life and refresh. God saved me and this time I will do him proud!


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