Sushi Samba Las Vegas


Our first time dining at Sushi Samba in Las Vegas was unforgettable.  We heard so many great things about their service and food that we decided to come and try it out ourselves.  We were lucky enough to get reservations for Christmas Dinner.  The service was impeccable.  They were very attentive.  We didn’t know what to order so we let our waitress do it for us. When each dish came out, they gave an explanation of each entrée and also suggested how it should be eaten.  Everything that was ordered was delicious. From appetizers to sushi, to the desert.  This place is like tapas.  It comes out in little mini portions for the entire table to share. They do not only serve sushi, they have so many different entrées to choose from.  Each piece melted in my mouth.  The presentation for each dish was simply amazing.

The chef came out to our table and presented us with the Christmas Special; I cannot say that any one dish was my favorite because they all were delicious.  We were so satisfied with dinner that we left there with our tummy’s so full we could hardly walk around the casino.  I give this restaurant and service five stars!!!

Here are some photos of some of the dishes that I was able to take a shot of.  Not all of them are shown because before I could even take my phone out to take a picture, my husband already dug into it. Lol!

And our desert was so pretty, I almost didn’t want to eat it lol.

Sushi Samba is located upstairs of the Palazzo Casino.

Click the link above to check out their venue and menu.

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