Prada Bag


This Medium Prada Executive Tote is a classic piece.  Every girl needs to own at least one classy black handbag. (Okay maybe two or even three).  I love this bag because this beautiful baby is perfect for my everyday look.  This bag adds to my work outfit which makes my office attire that much cuter.  It looks amazing next to my casual or dressy look. No matter what your style is, a Prada bag is a much-needed accessory.  This style is in Saffiano leather which is a type of leather that is strong.  It is stiff and will not slouch like natural calf leather.  It comes with gold hardware which is a perfect accent.  It has two zippered pockets; one in the back and one in the front to keep your valuable items secure.  The middle is open to allow for easy access to your things.  On each side, there is an expandable snap button. It comes with a removable and adjustable strap to wear as a cross body or to throw on as a shoulder bag. It may be a hefty price tag for some of you, but I promise you it is worth the money and you will have this bag for years.

Remember, quality over quantity!

 Click the link above for the exact Prada bag I have.


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