Rocco’s NY Pizza & Pasta

Rocco’s NY Pizza & Pasta

When you are born and raised in New York, pizza is something you grew up eating.  When my husband who is originally from Brooklyn, moved to the west coast, he said it was hard to find good pizza that was like back home.  My stepfather who is originally from Boston stumbled across this spot and of course, brought my husband here.  Low and behold, New York pizza like it should be made!  My husband was so thrilled to finally find a spot that he can come to when we are in Vegas to enjoy a nice big slice of pizza.  In my husband’s words, “Pizza should be big enough to fold in half,” and their pizza does just that! Our family are practically regulars here!  Great food and great customer service!!

Check them out; they have 4 locations.

Click the link above to look at their menu and locations!

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