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Ideas for your spouse

When it comes to buying gifts for my husband, I find myself always stuck making a list of thing that I would like for him vs. what he wants for himself.  My husband is very easy when it comes to gifts.  He does not want anything fancy or expensive.  He is so content with the things he already has that he hardly ever has a list for me unless I ask.  So, what do I do when it comes time to buy him gifts? I ask him to write down ten things he would like to have.  Whether the items are expensive or affordable, he needs to add it to his list.  When he gives me his list, I choose five items from his list to get for him.  This way I know that he will love it because he picked it and it will still be a surprise to him because he will not know what he is getting. Here are some ideas on what to get your spouse for Christmas.

  1. Football gear. My husband is a die-hard Jets fan.  No matter how bad they are in a season, he will always show his pride no matter what.  I always get him Jets gear, and he is always happy.
  2. A classy watch. My husband is not a fan of dressing up but when he does dress up; he sure cleans up well.  A nice watch on his wrist is a must have.
  3. Cufflinks. If you husband owns a nice suit, you have to get him a good pair of cufflinks! Any man who owns an expensive suit will love it.
  4. Anything electronics! Xbox, TV, Bose System, and video games. If your man plays video games like mine does, he will love the newest system and games too. To top that, get him that 70” TV with a Bose surround sound system and he will be one very happy hubby. Mine is!
  5. Personalized gift. Men show their soft side to only their wives so even if you think a custom gift is corny and he will not like it, trust me; he will.

I rounded up a few of my favorite gifts that I got for him over the years.  Have fun shopping and do not forget it is the thought that counts!  Click the link below to find some of the items I have gotten my husband.

MichaelKorsWatch (black/gold)

MichaelKorsWatch (brown)

BoseSystem (similar)

Cufflink Case (similar)

XboxElite – USMC Ring

You can also get it engraved with a personalized message just like the picture below.

Use discount code: JJLIFENSTYLE to receive 10% your order. Click link above for details.

I hope my ideas for the perfect gift helped you decide on that perfect gift for him!


Disclaimer:  All photos used in this blog post were taken from,, and

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