Head over heels for over the knee boots!



Boots (high end) // Boots (affordable) // Blouse (similar)

I am absolutely obsessed with my over the knee boots.  This is definitely a statement piece to complete an outfit.  You can wear these boots with a dress or with jeans just like I did and you will be sure to turn some heads.  These boots are not only sexy, they are comfortable.  I got so many compliments on it which made my purchase worth it.

My open shoulder top is a must have.  I live in sunny California where the weather is 70-80 degrees and a thick sweater or coat just won’t do it. This top is perfect for the kind of weather that we have here. It is very comfortable, fun and stylish. I am so happy with this top that I got it in every color. lol.

Get yours now by clicking the link above. I gave you two links for the boots. One is the high end designer brand that I have in the picture and the other is the more affordable style.

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