Choose your own path…

 There is a line between love and hate when talking or thinking about living on base.  I must say, depending on where you are stationed it is really not that bad.  The problem that comes across is that the service member fills their spouses head with negativity about living on base.


In the beginning, I had no idea if living on base was good or bad.  I met some wives who filled my head with a bunch of non sense saying that service members hate living on base because they have to worry about running into their bosses, feeling like they haven’t left work, or that it sucks to be around military all day long. I can see where that may suck but check with your spouse first to see if they is they feel.


When it came time to choose to live on or off base, my husband was surprised when I came out and said I don’t want to live on base.  I told him my reasoning and he said that it was ridiculous.  He took me on base, showed me around and told me to make a decision after that.  I saw the house we would have (pretty nice size), I saw how convenient it would be for him to get to and from work (especially since he is the one with the long hours),  I saw how safe it would be when he is away and I was convinced that this was the way to go.


I am glad I didn’t listen to the other wives and that my husband isn’t opposed to living on base. What I am basically trying to say is, don’t let others feed your head with negativity.  Make a decision that would work for you and your family.


Living on base was the best decision for us because I felt safe when he left for deployment training (7 months) and then being deployed for almost a year.   My neighbors and I mind our own business with a friendly hello here and there but when it comes to needing help with the yard or the trash can, there were no questions asked… they came to help.


It is a brotherhood/sisterhood kind of bond because we all understand how it is and how it goes.  Living off base, you have to worry about what kind of neighbors you have, who will help you or protect you when you spouse is away and if your home is safe.


On base I never had to worry about any of that.  So if you are not purchasing a home and you are moving and considering living on base…. Weigh out your options and don’t write off living on base until you experience it yourself.  The only way I will not live on base again is if we actually purchase a home.  Don’t be fooled by the rumors about living on base.  Don’t listen to “hear say” without knowing the facts.

Good luck!


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