Gloomy days are lazy days! 

Boots // sweater jacket// Gucci Tote

Gloomy days are lazy days but when you have a bunch of little errands to do it calls for a comfy casual look. Who wants to dress up super stylish when its raining or gloomy??  Let me take that back because alot of do but sometimes I  just have days I want to look just “cute enough”.  Well on this rainy, gloomy, and cold day…this was the day. I wasn’t feeling too good but I had no choice but to get things done so instead of walking out the house in sweatpants and uggs, I chose to throw on my suede brown boots to go with my brown sweater jacket, comfy stretchy jeans and a black tank.  The best part for me was adding my brown Gucci tote. I am a firm believer that your handbag needs to look as good as the outfit or even better! 😉 On this day…….. my handbag was my outfit lol. An expensive handbag needs the recognition it deserves or at least my wallet and bank account does. Deciding what to wear took longer than doing my errands.How is that?!  I was back home in my sweatpants, curled up next to my hubby in no time! On rainy gloomy days, comfy and casual is the way to go for me😋. What’s your rainy day look?




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