♥Spice up a black dress♥

  Boots//leopard scarf//wristlet// Black Dress

When it comes to date night, we always want to look good for our spouse. Whether married or dating it’s always fun and a good idea to dress up. My husband and I have been married for awhile now and I still pretend we are dating when it comes to dressing up lol. I know he loves bodycon dresses on me so I chose a simple black long sleeve dress. Believe it or not, he chose the scarf and my boots to go with it 😉. I wore my Michael Kors wristlet to match my boots and scarf.  You can never go wrong with black because anything goes with it. No matter what color you choose to add to it will look good. Just by changing one small thing about your look can change the look of an outfit . Below I wrapped my scarf around my neck to show more of my dress.







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