🎷🎸Music  Instrument Museum ♩🎹🎺🎻

Music Instrument Museum

Our trip to the Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix Arizona was the best one we have been to. The experience was absolutely amazing.  My husband and I truly learned alot about how different instruments were made to make beautiful music. It took over 2 hours to walk through the whole thing and about over 200 pictures that we took. The admission was $20 each but it was all worth it. It takes you all over the world, to different continents. They give you headphones so you will able to hear the type of music for each culture and how the instruments were made. It blew our minds. There were some instruments that were made out of barrels, I couldn’t believe that they were making beautiful sounds out of it. We were so intrigued.  Here are some pictures we took.

There was also a section of instruments that were loaned or donated by musicians as well.

Next time you are in Phoenix this museum is a must see. You will not be disappointed.  You will leave with knowledge,  wisdom and inspiration. Click the link above to plan your trip to the Musical Instrument Museum.

Thanks for being a part of my adventure.


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