I am truly blessed…

I am truly blessed…

Not only because I have a man who loves, adores and cares for me more than words can express but because God saved me. He kept me on this earth to fulfill his purpose. Not too long ago, I had a near death experience. I am not supposed to be here right now to tell my story but God decided to give me another chance to stay to tell it….  God blessed me and will continue to bless me in more ways than one and I am grateful for that.

Live your life to the fullest because at any given time your life may be taken. Your time will come and when it does, when God calls you home, make sure that you are able to look back at your life on earth and smile knowing that you lived a good one! Be kind, love strong, cherish moments and have faith! God did me right so I will not do him wrong! God Bless!


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