Detox your life not just your body…

Detox your life not just your body. You never realize how your life changes until you eliminate the toxic people who are in it. I know how hard it is to let go of friends and family who have been around for so long, but it is much needed especially if the relationship is toxic. Negativity will affect your life inside and out. About 4 years ago,  I was faced with the decision to let go of alot of people in my life including family members. When you are at your lowest point in life or have been faced with a life threatening situation, you will see who you’re true friends and family are. The ones who were there or have reached out are the ones to definitely keep around, and obviously the ones who don’t are the ones to eliminate.  I have lived such an amazing and positive life since I have done so. I really believe that everyone should do this regardless who may get their feelings hurt because in the end it will be worth it.

Detox your life and not just your body!


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