Curves are beautiful

     Curvy women around the world!!!!!

 Lets love and embrace our curves! We are finally being recognized as women with beautiful bodies! Let’s embrace and love our curves! It’s about time that we are accepted in this world of fashion! For so long now, we had to second guess ourselves when we see a fitted dress, skinny jeans or a bikini. For many years the only ones who were looked at and accepted in the world of modeling were the thin, skinny and boney women! It’s now our turn! Skinny women are beautiful, don’t get me wrong but I am so happy for us curvy women to now have a chance! We were always looked at as the thick/fat/plus sized/overweight/not skinny enough kind of girls and never the beautiful/perfect shaped/sexy girls but oh wow have times changed! I have always been a curvy girl and I am proud of it! My husband is and has always been my biggest fan and I am so grateful for that. Now society is too! Lets embrace it and love it! Love the body you have and love the woman you see in the mirror! Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes and it feels good to be acknowledged, accepted, and respected!

Just remember that beauty comes from within first! You can be beautiful and perfect on the outside but if you’re ugly in the inside then whats the point? It won’t matter so stay humble, stay sweet and you will shine like the star that you are! Curves are beautiful!


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