Green & White all day on game day…

Game Day is one way we spend quality time together!  In our house we bleed and breathe green and white. We are loyal Jets fans. Win or lose we root for our New York Jets! Not alot of wives watch football with their man but I sure do and my husband loves it! We try to never miss a game and when we do watch it, whether together or apart, we always watch it together 🙂 Our football ritual is that we go all out dressed in our NY Jets gear from head to toe whether we watch it at home or at a bar. We even go as far as dressing our furry babies up with a pet jersey or a bandana lol. Watching football was never my thing because where I come from we did not have an NFL team. I was more of a basketball kind of girl until I met my man. When we got married I married into the Jets Lifestyle lol. Green and white all day, on and off season. When you fall in love you accept and love whatever your partner loves too. I learned the game of football and learned to love it as much as basketball.  It made my husband smile and to me that’s what it’s all about.

Married life can be so amazing when you find different ways to spend quality time with each other no matter what it may be. It could be laying on the couch being lazy together, working out together, watching football etc. To make a marriage work you need to sacrifice, to compromise,  to understand and respect each other. Strive for the same things, believe in each other, find a mutual ground, communicate and have fun together!

Green and white all day on game day! Game day is our way we spend quality time. How do you spend yours?


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